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High temperature (55 ° NiCd and 50° NiMh) BRANDED emergency lighting batteries: NiCd NiMh, SLA, LiFe-PO4.

With the unprecedented change of emergency lighting requirement in the UK, BernliteLED has been at the forefront of these changes for the last 30 years.

Further to our extended ranges of inverters and modules for emergency lighting, BernliteLED has steadily invested in multiple ranges of emergency lighting batteries. We ONLY STOCK HIGH TEMPERATURE (55 ° NiCd and 50° NiMh) RATED BRANDED BATTERIES by major manufacturers: YUASA, LITEPLAN, MACKWELL, ELP and TRIDONIC.

BernliteLED stocks NiCd (Nickel-Cadmium) NiMh (Nickel-metal hydride) SLA (sealed lead acid) and the new to market LiFE-PO4 (Lithium iron phosphate) in a variety of configurations to cover all standard eventualities.

But of course, nothing is standard in the lighting market, and a vast number of configurations and cells are available.

Specialised made to order batteries:

To that extent BernliteLED is able to offer all types of emergency lighting battery no matter the number or indeed the size of the cells. Simply contact us with your details (pictures always required) and we can supply made to order special batteries for any situation.

And to make things easier for all, below is a number diagram showing standard cell configurations.