Obsolete & Discontinued Lighting Products

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That time consuming moment, often stressful situation, where your customer gives you a specific lighting part they require, by tomorrow, only to find its actually been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Well, it happens a lots in lighting, as we well know here at Bernlite.

That’s why Bernlite has been in existence for over 35 years – we know what to do, and we’ve seen it all in those years… panic often ensues, only for a solution to then present itself, because of our deep knowledge.

Bernlite, unlike many other ‘pretenders’ actually invest in stock
extensive stock!

For many years and for many of the manufacturers, Bernlite has been able to offer parts that many, if not all ‘pretenders’ say are obsolete. That’s because they didn’t have the foresight nor plans to actually buy stock to assist their customer base. Bernlite does this, consistently. In fact many of the manufacturers themselves now rely on us to become their back up stockist, often passing their own customers to us for these parts.

Bernlite also, when notified of ranges to be discontinued will immediately plan for either taking in extra stock or indeed ascertain if not identical replacements, at the very least, suitable replacements… but BEFORE the obsoletion actually occurs! Do others have the foresight to do this, or even the expertise?

All our staff are trained by the manufacturers themselves, whether in house or going on courses and visiting relevant factories directly.

Whenever in doubt call us first, or last, it matters not, we will be able to assist where most, if not all others can’t!

Our last bit of advice – Don’t believe everything you hear…until you have it confirmed by Bernlite Limited. We have come across hundreds of damaging situations in these last 30 years where customers have been incorrectly advised by a ‘pretender’ on replacements generally, but worse, the original product still existed in stock!

Timeline of recent industry / manufacturer changes (since 2009)

January – October 2021

Tridonic will discontinue all fluorescent T5, T8 and compact electronic HF ballasts, namely PC PRO, PC TOP, PC BASIC, PC TEC,  PC INDUSTRY with no successor. BernliteLED has, once more, already heavily invested in stocks of all ranges to cover the wholesale and replacement market for a considerable time.  Should an item run out of stock, we will of course be able to offer an alternative product where possible.

Tridonic will also discontinue the dimmable versions PCA ECO, PCA EXCEL and PCA EXCITE, with no successor. Again, BernliteLED has made significant investment into stock of these items.  Should an item run out of stock, we will of course be able to offer an alternative product where possible but please note, the Tridonic DSI products  will be specifically  affected as there is no identical substitute for this dimming system. We urge you contact us with regards current stock levels and how to substitute if needed.

July 2020

Tridonic discontinued all emergency lighting control gear for linear and compact fluorescent lamps , namely the EM BASIC, EM PRO, EM ST, and EM COMBO.  BernliteLED made huge stock investments into all of these extremely popular ranges to cover the replacement market for a considerable period.  Please contact us for up to date stock situation on any of the items in this range.  We also have a number of equivalents, where possible, or alternatively we can guide you through a complete change if possible to a different solution.

End 2019

Venture Lighting discontinues ballasts for HID lamps.

May 2019

EXISTALITE / ABB discontinue fluorescent emergency solutions. BernliteLED procured a vast amount of stock prior to this date, so some stock is still available – but we urge you to contact us to check the current stock situation, and if already sold out, an alternative can be offered, or a possible separate solution if applicable.

End 2018

Harvard Technology (Harvard Engineering)  ceases trading – However Harvard Power Systems Limited has since been formed (2020) to manufacture and re-establish sales of the popular and respected Harvard brand LED drivers and LED light-engines – so please contact BernliteLED with any original Harvard parts to ascertain if the product is now available.

September 2015

Tridonic will be discontinuing a vast proportion of their HID Electronic range, the PCI. They will still be offering certain popular solutions, but in general their range will now be vastly reduced, as their focus switches more to their LED portfolio.

Bernlite has already invested in a massive amount of these parts, across the board. This even includes the PCI FOX for Dali installations. Once we do run out of the original parts, we are already in place to offer suitable alternatives from a myriad of other recognised brands.

Please call 01923 200 160 for up to date stock levels and further information.

July 2015

Tridonic to exit Ignitor market – Following the withdraw from the HID magnetic (wire wound) ballasts in December 2013. This will also affect a vast range of products PREFIXED ZRM & LRM.

Bernlite has invested heavily, where possible, in stock but owing to very large volumes in sales, this stock will not last long. However, Bernlite has ready made equivalents or suitable replacements.

Please call 01923 200 160 for up to date information on stock and other brands.

December 2013

Tridonic exit Magnetic ballast market: ‘The company is generating the necessary response to the restrictions that EU legislation will impose on inefficient magnetic technology from 2017 onwards’ Read the press release.

This has affected a huge range of products including: OMB, OMBIS, OMBS, OMBI, OGL, OGLS, OGLIS, TMDA, EC, ECIS, ECTH,ECM, OFLIS, UEC, OM PAK.

Bernlite ALWAYS suggest calling our sales office on 01923 200 160 or contact us to obtain exact equivalents or suitable replacements from a variety of other manufacturers still producing wire wound gear.

We do still have some original parts in stock; please call 01923 200 160 to check stock.


Harvard Engineering cease production of their emergency combo range the DE.

Bernlite have been supplying a variety of equivalents to suit this discontinued range. Please contact us for up to date products.


Huco Lightronic taken over by BAG electronics.