BREXIT and COVID19: Price increases and possible supply issues

Now that Brexit has been finalised, as expected, the current situation has not been without issues.  We expect this to continue for some time.

BernliteLED spent much of 2020 readying ourselves for such an impact, changing our ordering, accounting, import and export systems to facilitate any changes as per Government guidelines. All whilst dramatically increasing stock across the board to the benefit of all our customers. 

Its meant we have been able to continue to supply a vast majority of our products at existing prices from stock, without delay. 

However this situation will rapidly change over the next few weeks and months.

As we can see in the National news almost daily, there are delays at ports, shipping increases, and also, issues with freight forwarding agents and custom clearance.

There are also major delays to pretty much all of our suppliers on certain types of components and electronics.  We do envisage prices to rise, with some manufacturers already increasing their prices. 

We do suggest contacting our sales team for updates on any prices and availability.