Liteplan Emergency Control Gear

All Liteplan Emergency Control Gear conforms to British Standard regulations that’s needed for emergency lighting products. All kits offer a 3 hour duration, are lamp specific in their operation and have deep discharge protection.

All Liteplan Emergency Lighting products are available from BernliteLED. Please contact us should the item not be listed below.

NLP LED Conversion Range

CBR Changeover relay moduleCBR Changeover relay module

S/DLP/1 DALI Addressable RangeS/DLP/1 DALI Addressable Range

S/DLP/1S DALI Addressable RangeS/DLP/1S DALI Addressable Range

S/HLP/1S Non-Maintained High Output DriverS/HLP/1S Non-Maintained High Output Driver

Other Products

Liteplan Emergency Control Gear - Lite-Plan-NED-3-KitLite-Plan NED/3 Kit
Liteplan Emergency Control Gear - Lite-Plan-TED-4-KitLite-Plan TED/4 Kit
Liteplan Emergency Control Gear - Lite-Plan-MMB-NC-10Lite-Plan MMB/NC/10
Liteplan DSP-4
Liteplan HJT-3-1W-K
Liteplan HJT-3SC-1W-K
Liteplan JED-3
Liteplan MMB-NC-10
Liteplan MST-3-NM3
Liteplan NDA-3
Liteplan NDA-3-IP54
Liteplan NDA-3-SP98
Liteplan NDA-3-SP125
Liteplan NDA-3-TP60
Liteplan NED-3 Conversion Range
Liteplan NED-3-IP54
Liteplan NED-3-SP98
Liteplan NED-3-SP125
Liteplan NED-6
Liteplan NES-3
Liteplan NES-3-IP54
Liteplan NES-3-SP98
Liteplan NES-3-TP60
Liteplan NPC-3-TP57
Liteplan S-DSP-4
Liteplan S-HJT-3-NM3
Liteplan S-PLM-4
Liteplan TED-4
Liteplan TED-4-IP54
Liteplan TED-4-SP98
Liteplan TED-4-TP60