Liteplan Emergency Fittings

The Liteplan Emergency Fittings range is a complete quick and easy solution for LED mains/emergency applications. They are available as standard emergency, self-test and DALI self-test.

All Liteplan Emergency Lighting products are available from BernliteLED. Please contact us should the item not be listed below.

Dimming HALO Emergency LED for Healthcare and Hospitality

Other Products

Liteplan-S-HJT-3-3WLite-Plan S/HJT/3/3W + LED/40/OA/W
Liteplan CB4S-3W
Liteplan LED-24
Liteplan LED-40-CO
Liteplan LED-40-NL
Liteplan LED-40-OA
Liteplan LED-40-OA-IP54
Liteplan LED-41
Liteplan MPS
Liteplan MPS-ST