Liteplan Emergency Fittings

The Liteplan Emergency Fittings range is a complete quick and easy solution for LED mains/emergency applications. They are available as standard emergency, self-test and DALI self-test.

Below are a selection of our top selling Liteplan Emergency Fittings complete with full technical specs.

If you can’t see what you’re looking for or you’re not sure what Emergency Fittings you need, please Contact Us.

Liteplan-S-HJT-3-3WLite-Plan S/HJT/3/3W + LED/40/OA/W
Liteplan CB4S-3W
Liteplan LED-24
Liteplan LED-40-CO
Liteplan LED-40-NL
Liteplan LED-40-OA
Liteplan LED-40-OA-IP54
Liteplan LED-41
Liteplan MPS
Liteplan MPS-ST