Mackwell Emergency Fittings

Mackwell Emergency Fittings are ultra discreet and are designed for fast fix installation, the first fix allows the installer to complete the wiring before decoration.

Below are a selection of our top selling Mackwell Emergency Fittings complete with full technical specs.

If you can’t see what you’re looking for or you’re not sure Mackwell Emergency Fittings you need, please Contact Us.

Mackwell Xylux LRMackwell Xylux LR

Mackwell Xylux LR3Mackwell Xylux LR3

Mackwell Xylux LR4Mackwell Xylux LR4

Mackwell Xylux LD3Mackwell Xylux LD3

Mackwell Xylux LD5Mackwell Xylux LD5

Mackwell Tempus DLTMackwell Tempus DLT

Mackwell Tempus DLT+Mackwell Tempus DLT+

Mackwell XY-FiMackwell XY-Fi