Helvar LED Drivers

Below are a selection of our top selling Helvar LED drivers complete with full technical specs.

At BernliteLED, we specialise in matching up your existing drivers for up to date replacements or indeed for new installations, and offer comprehensive advice on suitable products.

We can match up almost ANY imported LED driver – whether from an existing fixture or remote mounted – please don’t hesitate to ask for our advice and recommendations – we will only offer quality branded replacements from leading LED Driver manufactures

We always urge you to contact us with your requirements to ensure you get the right solution, every time, especially if you cannot find the item listed in the below links, as LED drivers are updated frequently to new replacements.

Helvar LED Driver LC1x30-E-ANHelvar LC1x30-E-AN
Helvar LED Driver LC1x30-E-DAHelvar LC1x30-E-DA
Helvar LL1x20-E-CC-350Helvar LL1x20-E-CC-350

Helvar LED Driver LL1x40-E-DA-700-1050

Helvar LED Driver LL1x80-DA-350-700Helvar LL1x80-DA-350-700

Helvar LED drivers are designed for energy efficiency, high quality and professional lighting applications where powerful light output is needed. In addition to Helvar’s first class technology design, each driver can produce greater efficiency of 0.93-0.96. Complete with optimised design and component choice helps to contribute to an outstanding LED lifetime of up to 100,000 hours for the Helvar LED Drivers.