Signify Philips LED Modules

All Signify/Philips LED Modules are available, with the many popular items from stock from BernliteLED.

Please, however, contact us for up to date stock and technical guidance, and current generation information on all Signify/Philips LED products.

Downlights & Spotlights

Fortimo LED DLM Flex Gen2Fortimo LED DLM Flex Gen2

Fortimo LED SLMFortimo LED SLM

Linear LED Systems

Fortimo LED Line / StripFortimo LED Line / Strip

Area LED Systems

Fortimo LED squareFortimo LED square

Xtreme LED systems

Fortimo FastFlex Gen3Fortimo FastFlex Gen3

Fortimo FastFlex Gen4Fortimo FastFlex Gen4

Fortimo FastFlex Gen5Fortimo FastFlex Gen5

LED Panels

Fortimo LED Panels G2Fortimo LED Panels G2

CertaFlux LED Panels G2CertaFlux LED Panels G2