Tridonic LED Modules

All Tridonic LED Modules are available, with the most popular items from stock from BernliteLED.

Please, however, contact us for up to date stock and technical guidance, and current generation information on all Tridonic LED products.

LED compact

LED Linear

LLE Flex Constant CurrentLLE Flex Constant Current

LLE Premium Tunable WhiteLLE Premium Tunable White

LLE Excite, Advanced & EssenceLLE Excite, Advanced & Essence

QLE Premium Tunable WhiteQLE Premium Tunable White

CLE Advanced (Circle)CLE Advanced (Circle)

CLE Advanced (Quadrant)CLE Advanced (Quadrant)

RLE Excite & AdvancedRLE Excite & Advanced

ELA Advanced & Tunable White & EssenceELA Advanced & Tunable White & Essence

LED Flexible

LED ready2apply

Engine SLA AC G2Engine SLA AC G2

Module SLA DC G2Module SLA DC G2

LED Accessories

Compact AccessoriesCompact Accessories

Linear Accessories - Cover for LLE 20 / 24Linear Accessories – Covers

Linear Accessories - ACL end capLinear Accessories – ACL end cap

Linear Accessories - ACL clipLinear Accessories – ACL clip

Linear Accessories - ACL bridge LLE16Linear Accessories – ACL bridge LLE16

Linear Accessories - ACL bridge LLE24/40Linear Accessories – ACL bridge LLE24/40

Linear Accessories - ACL linear cover 16mmLinear Accessories – ACL linear cover 16mm

Linear Accessories - ACL linear lens 24mmLinear Accessories – ACL linear lens 24mm

Linear Accessories - ACL lens 55x280mmLinear Accessories – ACL lens 55x280mm

Flexible Accessories - LLE FLEX ConnectorFlexible Accessories – LLE FLEX Connector