ELP is a recognised supplier of quality Emergency Lighting equipment to Lighting Manufacturers, Fire Equipment suppliers, Electrical Contractors and specialised electrical wholesalers.

elp-eckELP UK differentiates itself from other Emergency Lighting Manufacturers by the superior levels of expertise and service that it offers.

Established in 1995 ELP has consistently designed, developed and manufactured the highest quality emergency lighting products to suit every conceivable lighting application.

ELP Product information

Fluorescent Emergency Conversion Equipment (ECK)

elp-eckECK (Emergency Conversion Kits) comprise a high quality emergency lighting inverter module and the appropriate battery pack. Standard kits offer 4Ah High Temperature Nickel Cadmium cells in a stick format. However, side by side formats and Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are also available.

ECK kits are available with OM or OM/LP inverter modules which are referred to as ‘Total Isolation’ or 5-pole control units (featuring full 4pole change-over of the lamp/gear connections plus a timed fifth pole to make & break the ballast live supply). This ensures that the ECK conversion kits are suitable for all ballast types including HF and dimming.

Stand alone modules (OM)

The OM Module range has been designed to suit all emergency lighting applications requiring inverter/battery kits to be integrated into modern mains voltage luminaires. The compact dimensions provide flexibility for internal component layout and the push-wire/iDC terminals simplify assembly whether manual or robotic. Case temperature (tc) rated at 70°C. The modules fully comply to en61347 and en60925.

Integrated Conversion Equipment (IM)

elp-imThe Integrated Modules incorporate a high quality electronic ballast and an emergency lighting inverter within the same enclosure. The module should be connected to a permanent 230 volt supply to charge the Nickel Cadmium or Nickel Metal Hydride batteries. A second switched mains supply then provides normal lighting. In the event of a failure of the permanent supply the lamp continues to operate from the battery.

There are two physically different modules. One is ideally suited to the wide range of circular and square compact fluorescent luminaires which utilise the 28Watt or 38 watt 2D lamps.

The second is designed to fit in the gearbox associated with compact fluorescent downlights. There are different calibrations for various lamp wattages but in all cases the circuits are designed to generate less heat than standard fluorescent control gear helping to maintain optimum battery temperatures within the small enclosures.

IM Integrated Modules are suitable for operation of all 16 – 38 watt 2D lamps including T5 and Amalgam.

Products include: IM428, IM438, IM418, IM526, IM642, IM540, IM655, IM528, IM535

High Power LED Emergency Equipment (LD-CO)

elp-ld-coThe ELP LD-CO emergency LED control gear allows maintained operation of high power LED modules such as the Philips Fortimo DLM & SLM, Xicato range, Bridgelux ES range, Citizen CL-L233-C13N1 etc. by utilising the standard mains voltage LED control gear in-line with the emergency LED control gear.

The emergency gear incorporates an emergency LED driver module/charger and an appropriate high temperature battery. In the event of a mains failure, an integral relay disconnects the LED module from the mains control gear and then connects it to the emergency control gear, which operates the LED module at a reduced light output for a duration of 3 hours.


el-om-proThe standard fluorescent ECK (Emergency Conversion Kits) comprise an OM high quality emergency lighting inverter module and the appropriate battery pack. Where Self-Test or fully interoperable DALI is required the OMpro module should be specified.

The OMpro range offers a low-profile charger/inverter module with High temperature Nickel Cadmium or Nickel Metal Hydride batteries to suit the application. As with standard OM or OM/LP modules the OMpro inverter modules provide ‘total isolation’ i.e. 5-pole control (featuring full 4pole change-over of the lamp/gear connections plus a timed fifth pole to make & break the ballast live supply) ensuring successful operation with all ballast types including HF and dimming.

Products include: OMpro 3/4, OMpo 5/6

Battery Packs

Standard ECK conversion kits are supplied with 4Ah ‘D’ size high temperature nickel Cadmium cells in stick format although side by side packs are also available. For the ECK635/LP & ECK680/LP Low Profile kits, battery packs made up of two 3cell sticks using 4Ah A-size nickel Metal Hydride batteries are supplied as standard to complement the height of the Low Profile OM/LP modules.

NB: 4Ah C-size nickel Metal Hydride cells are also available offering a shorter pack length. All available batteries are connected to the appropriate module via a non-reversible plug & socket. All modules are calibrated to give the optimum light output from the largest lamp wattage within the stated range. The Ballast Lumen Factors are measured at the nominal battery voltage following iCeL lamp and ballast compatibility tests. The 4Ah battery pack will provide a 3hour duration for at least 4years (assuming environmental limits are met).

Note: nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) batteries are limited to lower operating temperatures than nickel Cadmium (NiCd) — typically NiMh batteries are limited to an absolute maximum of 50°C; niCd batteries can withstand continuous temperatures of 55°C. NiMh batteries also have a shelf life. It is essential that NiMh batteries are not stored for more than six months.

Products include: B003, B004, B005, B006, B009, B057, B058, B044, B034, B039, B035, B059, B060, B061, B041, B040