ORBIK’s journey began in 1982 and they are now a respected manufacturer of high quality, reliable, emergency lighting control gear, supplying lighting manufacturers across the UK.

orbik-perferm-module2ORBIK’s passion towards maintaining successful partnerships with customers enabled new markets to be explored and this rapidly expanded ORBIK’s range of products which now includes a comprehensive range of emergency control gear for linear and compact fluorescent lamps, central battery systems, inverters, mains and emergency lighting luminaires, static inverter systems, self test and addressable emergency systems and now with a range of LED mains and emergency luminaires to support the challenges of reducing carbon footprint.

Orbik Product information

Combined Module/Ballast

orbik-ballastIncorporates Perferm technology to ensure optimum operation of low mercury and amalgam construction lamps from both ‘cold start’ and warm start applications. The electronic ballast circuit has a lamp failure protection circuit to prevent damage occurring to the ballast when a lamp fails

Sine-wave output in emergency prevents unpleasant visual lamp effects and ensures maximum lamp cathode lamp. Advanced battery charging exploits energy absorption charging technology and reduces power losses in the unit. Reverse polarity protected to provide stable charge conditions to maximise battery life.

Products include:
MCP4100P3, MCP4097P3, MCP4099P3, MCP4098P3, MCP4101P3

Perferm Conversion Modules for Fluorescent Lamps

With the increased concern regarding the environmental impact of mercury on the environment, the lighting industry is constantly reducing the amount of mercury in fluorescent lamps. Typical levels are currently 3mg. However, there are some fluorescent lamps with levels of Perferm technology is an ongoing development involving the latest lamp technology and as such is subject to change as and when further lamps/data become available.


We strongly recommend that modules incorporating Perferm technology are used in all emergency luminaires and conversions to provide the ultimate future proofing against lamp evolution.

  • Removes pink limbs on certain compact fluorescent lamps
  • Combats severely reduced life or premature blackening of the lamp cathodes in all fluorescent lamps
  • Enhanced lamp striking technology
  • High level of continuous lamp cathode heating throughout the emergency duration
  • Versions available to operate with both switch start and high frequency gear
  • All Perferm modules are BSI Kitemarked
  • Tested and approved to EN61347-2-7
  • EMC compliant to EN55015 and CE marked where applicable
  • Incorporates over temperature and charger short circuit protection
  • Available as standard in 3 hours duration, with other durations available to order
  • All modules have battery over discharge protection as standard (DDP) to prevent discharge below 1 Volt per cell
  • Reverse battery polarity protected
  • All modules are supplied with a green LED to indicate correct charging conditions

PH MODULES: PH4001P3, PH4003P3, PH4007P3, PH4013P3, PH4018P3, PH4418P3, PH4005P3, PH4506P3, PH4008P3, PH4011P3

PL MODULES: PL4001P3, PL4003P3, PL4007P3, PL40093, PL4013P3, PL4018P3, PL4418P3, PL4005P3, PL4506P3, PL4008P3, PL4011P3

PHR MODULES: PHR5607P3, PHR5608P3, PHR5809P3, PHR5108P3

PLR MODULES: PLR5001P3, PLR5003P3, PLR5007P3, PLR5009P3, PLR5013P3, PLR5418P3, PLR5005P3, PLR506P3, PLR5005P3, PLR5506P3, PLR5008P3, PLR5011P3

MT MODULES: MT5414P3, MT5528P3, MT5635P3, MT5854P3


LED Modules

orbik-led-modulesEmergency conversion modules to suit LED arrays

A range of conversion modules to enable single LED or multiple LED aarays to be operated in the event of a lighting circuit failure. Available as low power options to operate a single source or low power array of LED’s at 3.6V 350mA – 800mA total.

  • Mid range power options to operate at 32V 120mA suitable for a wide range of LED arrays
  • High power options to operate at 60V 120mA suitable for a wide range of LED arrays
  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of EN 61347-2-13
  • Low power options available as maintained including the mains LED driver
  • Mid and high power options with change-over relay for use with external LED drivers
  • Options available as self-test in accordance with the requirements of EN 62034

Products include: LDY005, LDY010, LDY003, LDY003/ST, LCM5125, LCM3350, LCM10125


Nickel Cadmium (nicd):

orbik-batteries-NiCdFor use with Perferm emergency modules. High quality, high temperature cells manufactured by World-class companies.Graded to the demanding standards of IEC285.

When installed and operated in accordance with EN60598.2-22, the batteries meet the requirements for a 4 year life. Many standard battery configurations are available but we can offer special configurations to assist in the layout of components within luminaires with restricted space. 1.5Ah Nicad cells give 1 hour of emergency back-up, 4Ah cells give 3 hours of emergency back-up. In-line versions are supplied with tag connections and dual in-line and plate versions are supplied with non-reversible plugs.

Products include: B163/215, B164/24, B161/2X4, B165/315, B166/3X4, B167/34, B168/415, B169/4X4, B702/44, B170/44, B171/515, B172/5X4, B173/54, B174/615, B176/64, B701/6X4, B879/8X4, B177/1015, B178/104, B179/10X4

Nickel Metal Hydride (nimh):

orbik-batteries-NiMhEnvironmentally friendly alternative to Nickel Cadmium batteries

  • Economic and practical alternative to Nickel Cadmium batteries
  • Kinder to the environment than Nickel Cadmium batteries
  • Cheaper to dispose of at end of life
  • Nickel Metal Hydride batteries have a better power density than Nickel Cadmium batteries
  • Can be used in products where space is limited
  • High temperature Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are particularly designed for emergency lighting applications, which some alternative battery technologies cannot provide
  • Nickel Metal Hydride batteries have a lower cost and longer active life than Lithium batteries
  • Nickel Metal Hydride battery technology is advancing all the time and therefore Nickel Metal Hydride is an investment into the future

Products include: BH164, BH167, BH170, BH173, BH176, BH878

ORBIK’s continual policy of commitment to quality quickly gained the approval of many major lighting companies and their ability to maintain high standards of customers service quickly confirmed ORBIK as a leader in the supply of lighting and emergency lighting products.

ORBIK’s Head Office is based in Aldridge situated in the West Midlands region of England and their in-house state-of-the-art production, high precision metal engineering and powder coating facilities has enabled ORBIK to confidently design and supply a wide range of competitively priced lighting products and systems.

Quality is assured with ORBIK’s purpose built factory, which employs over 200 people and is registered to and audited by BSI for their ISO 9001/2008 quality system. With over 300 kite marked BSI approved products, ORBIK’s dedication towards their consistent high quality manufactured products allows their customers to confidently specify ORBIK as their provider of solutions.