Driven by the increasing demand for energy efficient lighting, Venture has, since the early 1980s been a pioneer of light source technology.

HID IgnitorsFirstly transforming the HID lighting market with the introduction of the revolutionary UNI-FORM arc tube in Metal Halide lamps and more recently taking advantage of the rapid developments in LED technology to bring you a world class range of LED Lighting products.

Venture lighting’s Technical and Distribution Centre located in Castle Donington, Leicestershire offers full technical support on all our products.

Venture Product information

HID Ventronic ballasts

1. HID Ventronic ballastsWith the Ventronic solution, you can determine the light levels you require at any given time, either manually, automatically through the use of light meters or by programmable options.

Saves money by making use of ambient light With conventional control gear the light is either ON or OFF. You burn full power – even when you don’t need it. However, using Ventronic, the lights can be dimmed when it’s bright outside, and only revert to a higher power when necessary.

Ventronic can also be linked to a PIR sensor to produce more light when a particular area is occupied. ‘Daylight Harvesting’, as this technique is referred to, is an excellent way of saving energy costs and extending the life of the lamp without compromising on light levels. As it takes into consideration and therefore makes use of natural ambient light, it can also make a very positive contribution to a company’s environmental policies.


Examples include: VYB, VY, VYS, VYC, VYG
FROM 20 – 600w – Please contact the Bernlite sales office or view the data pages on this web site.

HID Magnetic ballasts

2. HID Magnetic ballastsPARMAR HID control gear has been recognised for its quality and performance since the PARRY manufacturing company was formed by Mr Parry and Mr Martin (PARMAR) 60 years ago.

Synonymous with bespoke and specialist control gear the Venture Parmar range of HID Control Gear can be found in highly specialist luminaries such as those used in explosive atmospheres or in road and tunnel lighting as well as conventional commercial and industrial markets.

The acquisition of the PARMAR brand by Venture Lighting International in the late 1990’s provided the foundation to build the current extensive range of both electromagnetic and electronic HID control gear.

The extensive range covers:  HID lamps, Sodium (SON), Metal Halide (MH), Ceramic, CWA MH, from 35w up to 2kw

Examples inlcude:  HSA, HSP, HSV, AGO, HDN, HMP, HDV, JDV, MM, HSJ, SHW, SHQ

HID Igniters to Suit

HID IgnitorsThe Venture MCi Series Ignitor is a digital, intelligent timed ignitor, designed for universal operation covering 35w through to 600w. The MCi6 being the standard bearer of the range, along with MCI-600, MCi-1000, MCi57. However, Venture also produces a complete range of ignitors as below:

  • Timed Ignitors 380/440v such as PCT150, & PCX150
  • ATEX Approved Ignitors such as PXA000, PCA400, PBA400, PXA400
  • Ignitors for SDX lamps such as PIE150
  • Ignitors for SOX lamps such as PB055, PB090, PB035
  • Standard Ignitors – the very popular PAE400 along with the PXE, PBO, PH, PBE, PT ranges
  • Timed Ignitors 240v such as the PCX and PJO ranges