Vossloh Schwabe

Bernlite has proudly been the official distributor for VS lampholders and associated accessories since 1985.

The range includes, LED modules, LED systems, LED control gear, and conventional control gear components for lighting applications for Discharge lamps, Ballasts, chokes, power switches, capacitors and lampholders. For florescent tubes: chokes, capacitors, lampholders and starterholders, terminal blocks and accessories.

Vossloh Schwabe Product information


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Control Gear

VS Component Systems

Component Systems for Lighting Applications For Discharge Lamps Ballasts, Control Gear Units, Ignitors, Power Switches, Capacitors and Lampholders For Fluorescent Lamps Ballasts, Capacitors, Lampholders, Starter Lampholders, Terminal Blocks and Accessories For Incandescent Lamps Transformers and Lampholders For Emergency Lighting Emergency lighting modules, Rechargable Batteries and Supports

Ignitors and Accessories for Discharge Lamps


Superimposed ignitors work independently of ballasts and generate defined ignition pulses during every half-wave within the stipulated voltage ranges. As the mains frequency only plays a subordinate role, these systems work equally well at 50 Hz and 60 Hz. Superimposed ignitors should be mounted near the lampholder.

Products include: Z400M, Z400MK, PZI, Z100S.

Magnetic ballasts for Discharge lamps

The electrical specifications of VS’ range of ballasts comply with lampspecific requirements. Vossloh-Schwabe attaches great importance to ensuring the impedance value of electromagnetic ballasts is kept within particularly narrow tolerances. This advantage, which is achieved by individual adjustment of the air gap during the automated production and testing process of every ballast, decisively contributes to optimising light output, light colour and service life of discharge lamps.

The range includes ballasts with variable voltage tapping points and varying degrees of inherent heating as well as encapsulated devices.

Products include: NaHJ, NaHJZ, Q80, Q125, Q250, JD2000, NaHZ

Electronic Ballasts for TC and T Lamps

Electronic Ballasts for TC and T Lamps WARM START, DIMMABLE AND INSTANT START ELECTRONIC BALLASTS Operating fluorescent lamps with electronic ballasts yields numerous advantages with regard to efficiency and convenience.

The brightness of fluorescent lamps can also be regulated with the help of dimmable electronic ballasts. Adjusting lamp wattage leads to a further reduction of energy consumption and of the associated costs. The corresponding ELXd units from Vossloh-Schwabe enable conventional 1–10 V control units to be connected via a bipolar 1–10 V dimmer interface.

Products include: ELXd, ELXc, ELXs, ELXe

Electromagnetic ballasts for TC and T Lamps

Electromagnetic Ballasts for TC and T Lamps RELIABLE AND DURABLE ELECTROMAGNETIC BALLASTS. A broad range of electromagnetic ballasts for compact fluorescent lamps and tubular fluorescent lamps. The variety of available performance properties and shapes satisfies the most diverse design requirements.

Vossloh-Schwabe’s electromagnetic ballasts are characterized by extremely tight impedance-value tolerances, which are achieved by individual adjustment of the air gap during the automated production and testing process of the ballasts. This optimises both light output as well as the service life of fluorescent lamps.

Products include:LN, L

Super-thin Ballasts with Pre-Mounted Lampholder
5–26 W – 230/240/220v

Products include: 163148, 163207, 163157, 163170, 163212, 163007, 163033, 163224, 163024, 163016.

Compact Assembly Kits for HS and HI Lamps 35 to 150w

Ballast shape: 53×66 mm. For high pressure sodium lamps (HS), metal halide lamps (HI)and ceramic discharge lamps (C-HI) Compact assembly kit with ballast with or without patented, intelligent thermal cut-out with automatic reset (which evaluates the temperature and current of the ballast), superimposed ignitor and compensation capacitor With luminaire terminal block: screw terminal 0.75–2.5 mm2. With earth terminal Permissible load capacity: 20–100 Pf Lead length to the lamp: max. 1.5 m tw 130.

Products include: 546797, 543378, 538675, 538686, 538677, 538678, 538679

Control Gear Units for HS and HI Lamps 35 to 150w Compact plastic casing

Shape: 64×72 mm. For high pressure sodium lamps (HS), metal halide lamps (HI) and ceramic discharge lamps (C-HI).

Compact control gear unit with ballast with patented, intelligent thermal cut-out with automatic reset (which evaluates the temperature and current of the ballast), digital timer ignitor with IPP++ technology and compensation capacitor with thermal fuse.

As individual components no longer need to be wired, there is a significant reduction in assembly time and costs. Protection class II. Degree of protection: IP40 Permissible load capacity: 20–1000 pF Lead length to the lamp: max. 10 m tw 130 Push-in terminals: 0.5–2.5 mm2.

Products include: 536201, 536202, 526203, 536204

Since 2002, the Vossloh-Schwabe group has belonged to the Panasonic Corporation. (Matsushita Electric Works). Vossloh started production of lampholders in 1919 and started exporting same as long ago as 1923. In 1946, they began the production of their first magnetic products (chokes). In 1966 the first range of ignitors for HID lamps were produced following the introduction in 1964 of both Son and Metal Vapour lamps.

In 1987, Vossloh acquired Hermann Schwabe GMBH, hence the change in name to Vossloh Schwabe in 1992. During this period, the first production of Vossloh electronics occurred. The Acquisition of Elektrobau Oschatz KG, also in 1992, brought with it the world’s first wiring/test robot for luminaires – the ALF machine.

Then in 1999, VS introduced their capacitor division and also acquired Wustlich GMBH which brought VS into the LED business. In 2009 the VS Asian subsidiary and the ULT (Universal Lighting Technology) subsidiary are fused under the VS global brand with the same occurring on the US subsidiaries of both the year later.

Whether for indoor or outdoor areas, whether LED lighting or light management systems – with Vossloh-Schwabe at your side you have chosen a competent partner for system solutions.