We are now Bernlite LED

We are pleased to inform you that From Monday 12th June our trading name will be Bernlite LED and our company logo and documents will reflect this change.

To reflect the major trend towards LED in the lighting market and opportunities arising from their continual development, Bernlite LED has been created to further embrace these new advances. Bernlite LED (as we have for the last 5 years or so) will continue to supply LED products and solutions specifically aimed at assisting you and your customer base, with ready made packages and separate components from branded market leaders as always, furthering our commitment to support all our manufacturers with their supply into the wholesale and OEM markets. Bernlite LED will of course continue to sell ‘legacy’ items or what many term ‘conventional lighting control gear’, as the market still demands same and of course is still the major part of our current business.

As the industry  has evolved, so has Bernlite, with an ever increasing amount of our turnover already being LED, (specifically drivers, modules and emergency gear to suit) the need for conventional lighting control gear is shrinking at manufacturing level as OEMS incorporate LED technology. Bernlite LED will be in a position to offer both LED solutions yet continue to support the legacy items for many years to come…quite simply not everything can easily be replaced by an LED solution.

Bernlite LED is a trading name of Bernlite Ltd company registration 1829340 and therefore it is not necessary to change bank payment details, all company payments should continue to made payable to Bernlite Ltd.