Prices continue to rise from all manufacturers

March 2023 update

Prices seem to have now stabilised, (for the time being) however since our last update in October we have had further increases as follows, which are now reflected in our selling prices. Stock levels at Bernlite LED continue to remain very high so as to prolong historical prices for as long as possible, but inevitably, as stock turns over, the new prices will become applicable.

  • Vossloh – 3.4% surcharge
  • Osram – 5.4% surcharge
  • Tridonic – 4.8% price increase
  • Mackwell – no set % price increase
  • Philips/Signify – not set % price increase (mainly on conventional gear)

October update

Known price increases effective from 1st October are as follows: these are all additions to prices already increased as per our previous updates – a further reason for some of these increases is the current Dollar exchange rate (although not applicable to all)

  • Philips/Signify – and additional 7.4% increase on all conventional control gear (NOT LED)
  • Tridonic – An additional 3% surcharge
  • Helvar – No set %
  • Liteplan – Surcharge now removed, but prices have increased – but no set %
  • ELP – No set %
  • Meanwell – No set %
  • Vossloh– No set %

Please always ask us for the current up to date price for every project and enquiry as we are expecting other manufacturers to increase prices yet again.

September update

Further to ongoing rises in energy prices, as documented across all various media in recent months, we are seeing yet further increases from most of our suppliers, on selected ranges, or indeed entire ranges. We do expect these increases to continue for some time, and often are advised of changes on orders we have already placed on the supply chain. We will of course continue to monitor all areas of our supply and also our own business costs and do our utmost to mitigate them but buying in bulk and by placing yet further forward orders.

As detailed previously in our updates from July 1st, March 2nd and January 25th last year, and February 4th 2022, prices continue to rise across the board from all manufacturers – again these are over and above prices already increased on previous dates.

The situation shows no signs of it getting better anytime soon, reflected across all areas of business, and noted in the national press continuously.  BernliteLED still expects more to follow and will post further updates as soon as we are advised of any changes.

  • A Further Philips/Signify price increase on all conventional control gear (not LED) from the 1st of April – citing unprecedented inflationary commodity pressure, component availability challenges and increasing cost of components, manufacturing and transportation.
  • A further Yuasa battery price increase from the 1st of April – citing cost of raw materials, goods, services and more recently spiralling energy costs.  Transportation costs have risen by 14% and consumables such as packing 25%
  • A new immediate Osram 2.5% surcharge- citing the re-routing of material from China to Europe via sea from rail freight, owing to the Russian invasion of Ukraine along with continued impact of semiconductor supply.
  • TCI – immediate increases due to ongoing component shortages and raw material increases
  • ELT – immediate increases due to ongoing component shortages and raw material increases
  • Vossloh – LED drivers increase – effective from the 1st of March owing to component and shipping costs
  • Venture / Harvard – 8% increase from 1st April – citing freight costs, fuel costs, container prices & multiple increases in raw materials
  • Helvar – 6-8% from 1st February, general price increase
  • Liteplan – 10% (temporary) surcharge on all items from 1st Feb 2022, to cover worldwide shortage of components, rising material costs and astronomical freight cost rises.
  • ELP – No set % increase, it will depend on the product – to cover continued price rises in all areas including components, raw materials and shipping.
  • Mackwell – Approx 6% – but it will depend on product – to cover shipping costs & raw materials
  • Signify (Philips) – 5-7% –  shortage of electronic components, and logistics and transportation issues. And a further 4.5% Global logistics surcharge has been implemented (temporarily) on the 1st December 2021 to reflect the ever increasing cost of shipping and transportation. And a further increase, from the 4th January 2022, on ALL conventional control gear but no set %, it will be dependant on the product
  • Osram – 5% – Global Shortage of Components
  • Yuasa – costs of raw materials, but specifically shipping costs
  • Tridonic – 5-14% (depending on product range) – dramatic rise in raw materials, and basic components, and logistic costs – and the supply situation for microchips also remains critical.

Like all, Bernlite LED is also being affected by increased packaging and shipping costs and will monitor the situation closely