Prices continue to rise from most manufacturers from July 1st 2021

Further to our updates about price increases on March 2nd and January 25th, prices from a vast majority of our manufacturers have risen yet further. This is over and above those increases already applied this year and in 2020.

Again, reasons for these further increases are numerous, and all noted in the national and world press over the last few months. Even with the huge investments in our stock, we are unable to maintain prices forever.

Below are confirmed increases with reasons (if advised to us) from the 1st July 2021. We urge you to contact us with your enquiry to ascertain current prices. Further increases are likely specifically from other manufacturers as the year progresses.

  • Tridonic – 4.8%, citing increases in all raw material costs and logistics
  • Philips Signify – No set % increase – citing cost of manufacturing increases
  • Helvar 3% – citing increasing cost of raw materials, manufacturing and transportation costs
  • Osram 6.2% – citing global shortage of components
  • Orbik – No set % increase – can no longer absorb raw material increases
  • Electro Terminal – No set % increase  – citing extraordinary cost increases due to raw materials
  • Mackwell – no set % increase